FLuctuATion reduction with inSUlin and Glp-1 Added togetheR (FLAT-SUGAR)
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Conference call scheduling
Steering Committee Calls
Executive Committee Calls
Coordinator Calls
Collection of Regulatory Documents:
   IRB approvals
   IRB renewals
   Local laboratory
   HIPAA/ Human Research Training
Jessica Trupin Phone: 206-616-7371
E-mail: jtrupin@uw.edu
Connie Kingry Phone: 206-616-4301
E-mail: ckingry@uw.edu
Medication or Device Supplies Dave Hunt Phone: 505-248-3200
E-mail: David.Hunt3@va.gov
Robert Ringer E-mail: robert.ringer@va.gov
IRB/Regulatory Issues
Protocol Violations
Consent Forms Issues
SAE documentation
Invoice for Capitation payments
Subcontract Issues
Protocol Questions
Connie Kingry Phone: 206-616-4301
E-mail: ckingry@uw.edu
Jeff Probstfield Phone: 206-616-0292
E-mail: JeffP@cardiology.washington.edu
Kevin O’Brien Phone: 206-685-3930
E-mail: cardiac@u.washington.edu
Lifestyle Educational Materials – Diet
SMBG Device & Monitoring
CGM Device & Monitoring
Glycemia Titration – Monitoring of HbA1C
Protocol Questions
Dori Khakpour Phone: 206-598-4882
E-mail: dorik@u.washington.edu
Irl Hirsch
Phone: 206-598-4882
E-mail: ihirsch@uw.edu
Computer/Data Entry Questions
Data Edits Questions
Data Edits Correction Requests
Web Monitoring Reports
Forms – content/completion questions
Access to website/reports/data entry
Directory Changes –Additions/Deletions of Staff
MOP – Contents & Format
Sara Pressel Phone: (713) 500-9520
E-mail: Sara.L.Pressel@uth.tmc.edu
Laboratory supplies/procedures Jessica Harting Phone: (206) 543-3694
E-mail: jjc8@uw.edu
Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials
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