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ALLHAT was the largest antihypertensive treatment trial and the second largest lipid-lowering trial ever conducted.

ALLHAT provides an example of well-designed and conducted clinical research. It also is a landmark cost-effectiveness study.

The large size and diversity of participants, varied practice settings, and primary and secondary outcomes measured in ALLHAT makes the ALLHAT data set highly useful for epidemiologic investigations.

ALLHAT design strengths:

Randomized active phase lasted 5 years
Long-term passive follow-up of participants
Large size:
42,418 hypertensive participants enrolled
10,355 enrolled in lipid-lowering sub-cohort
Varied geographic regions and practice settings
623 clinical sites in the US, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada
Drug comparisons
Four antihypertensive treatment arms
Two lipid-lowering treatment arms
Diversity of participants
Ages ≥55 years with ≥ 1 other CVD risk factor besides hypertension
Both genders, all races
Co-morbid conditions
Many variables recorded
Outcome data recorded for:
In-trial CVD and non-CVD events (1994-2002)
Post-trial (2002-2006)

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