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The Final Results of ALLHAT  were published in 2002. Since then, the ALLHAT research group has examined :

  • Blood Pressure
    • predictors of blood pressure response overall
    • predictors within randomized treatment groups
  • Diabetes
    • ALLHAT results by diabetes subgroups
    • diabetes incidence by randomized treatment group
  • Heart Failure
    • validity of the ALLHAT heart failure outcome
    • heart failure by randomized treatment group
    • heart failure with preserved and reduced ejection fraction
    • post-heart failure mortality risk
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
    • ALLHAT results by CKD subgroups,
    • CKD incidences by randomized treatment group
    • the prognostic value of CKD groups for cardiovascular and renal outcomes
  • Atrial Fibrillation
    • incidence of atrial fibrillation by randomized treatment group
  • Metabolic Syndrome
    • ALLHAT results by metabolic syndrome subgroups overall
    • ALLHAT results by race subgroups

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