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ALLHAT was the largest antihypertensive treatment trial and the second largest lipid-lowering trial ever conducted. It also was a landmark cost-effectiveness study. The large size and diversity of participants, varied practice settings, and primary and secondary outcomes measured in ALLHAT makes the ALLHAT data set highly useful for epidemiologic investigations.

In the past, ALLHAT data were available only to ALLHAT investigators. We are now making this resource available to the wider scientific community. We are encouraging new research to use the valuable resources collected by ALLHAT since the study began in 1994. We are especially interested in new investigators, including those early in their research careers. More specifically, a new investigator is one who

  • Is interested in using ALLHAT data for the first time
  • May be seeking funding for the first time, or may already have funding
  • May be affiliated either with an institution never before associated with ALLHAT, or an institution that has participated in ALLHAT in the past.

The ALLHAT Coordinating Center is dedicated to helping you obtain and use ALLHAT data for new investigations and publications. See Types Of Data Available and Unique Strengths Of ALLHAT for more information. See How You Can Use ALLHAT Data and How You Can Obtain ALLHAT Data for a description of how to acquire and use ALLHAT data.

For information about relevant National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute opportunities, please see:

Please contact Shelly Sayre if you need additional information or further assistance.

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